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Poland » Berlin

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Wrocław Statoil Sucha 15c 06:00 09:00 12:00 15:00
Legnica Statoil Gwarna 06:50 10:00 13:00 16:00
Bolesławiec Bp Wesoła 07:30 10:40 13:40 16:40
Żagań/Iłowa Lidl/ Statoil 08:10 11:20 14:20 17:20
Żary Lotos Katowicka 08:30 11:40 14:40 17:40
Berlin SXF ( Schonefeld) 09:50 13:10 16:10 19:10
ZOB - Aral 10:10 13:30 16:30 19:30
Berlin TXL ( Tegel) 10:25 13:45 16:45 19:45

Berlin » Poland

POWRÓT z Berlina do Polski

run 1

run 2

run 3

run 4

Berlin TXL 11:00 14:50 17:30 20:30
Berlin SXF 11:30 15:30 18:10 21:00

additional course Berlin Wroclaw run 4


  • Phone reservations are not subject to complaints.
  • The timetable specified above is only approximate and does not relate to the period of public holidays.
  • We are waiting for delayed planes to 1 hours (paid tickets only)

  • We provide our services in other cities and towns only as far as this is possible, in accordance with phone arrangements.
  • If You are interested in other hours of runs or You must be collected from a specific address, fill in the reservation form and we will do our best to meet Your needs. We arrange the transport and collection from the address as far as this is possible.
  • The customer is obliged to contact the office by phone (695 20 00 20) 24 hours before leaving, in order to confirm the reservation.
  • VIP Europa reserves the right to slight deviations from the specified hours or partial change of the route.
  •  a new place of receipt of TXL- terminal A - output A0- A2. Airport SXF - parking in front of the terminal A


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Other towns and cities after previous arrangement and as far as time limitations allow (except for periods of public holidays)
Wrocław STATOIL petrol station Sucha 15 c street
Shell petrol Station ul. Powstańców Śląskich 211
BP Station ul. Karkonoska next to Mc Donald’s
Legnica Orlen station near the A4 highway
Statoil station ul. Gwarna
Bolesławiec BP Station ul. Wesoła next to PKS
Orlen station Łąka near A4
Żagań/Iłowa Lidl next to PKS/ Station Statoil near A18
Żary Lotos station, ul. Katowicka
Tegel Airport Parking Shuttle Bus -  terminal A output A0-A2
ZOB Bus Station ARAL Station next to the Car Wash – visible from the platform
Sudkreuz Bus Station Main exit next to the taxi rank
Schonefeld Airport  park next to the A terminal

VIP Europa stopping places next to terminals

Plan terminalu w Teglu Plan terminalu w Schonefeld