Price list

The ticket priceduringthe Christmas160/ 40.One-way run price list

In the case of other connections, please call us in order to check the possibility and price.
Wrocław Schönefeld




160 zł  / 40 €
Legnica 160 zł  / 40 €
Bolesławiec 160 zł  / 40 €
Żary 160 zł  / 40 €
Iłowa / Żagań 160 zł  / 40 €

Feel like a VIP

  • Collection and transport from the address in Berlin and in Wrocław are, as far as the time limitations allow, arranged individually.
  • VIP EUROPAticket price includes:
    1. Driver’s care until the time of the check-in.
    2. Insurance for the period of travel - for free.
    3. We provide assistance at the airport to those who travel for the first time.
  • In addition, we recommend the service VIP Transfer.
  • We have all necessary licences and approvals concerning international passenger transport – available to view at the main page and passenger transport to the airports in Berlin.

Busy VIP Europa na lotnisku


  • the payment for children of up to 6 years amounts to 100 PLN (this does not refer to the periods of public holidays specified at the carrier`s webpage).
  • Discounts for groups above 4 people - call or write - You are going to find out how much You can save.
  • The prices refer to leaves from the specified stops.
  • We provide everyday transport Wrocław-Berlin-Wrocław.
  • Transfers to the airports in Berlin from other locations after filling in the form or after phone contact.

VIP Tranfer na lotnisku